MSc Internship –Product Development:

Developing plant-based whole-cut seafood recipes using 4D-printing technology.

The internship

Early Adopters and Innovators, listen up! Do you want to work for a better world and cleaner oceans? Do you also think we need a better way to produce food for future generation? Work on something that has a huge impact (and is awesome) with REVO FOODS (!

We at Revo Foods believe in a world where we can produce fish and meat without polluting the environment or exploiting animals. How we do it? By using 3D/4D Food Printing of plant-based meats. With this technology, we produce the “fish of tomorrow”, without overfishing or bycatch of whales and dolphins.

We offer interested interns and students a master thesis project on Product development from September 2021 (4-6 months, depending on interest) in Vienna, Austria. Epecially cool for people that want to learn more about the work in an innovative environmentfriendly startup and get hands-on experience in the alternative protein industry and relevant production systems. With our young team, you can both learn a lot, but also have fun and enjoy some great office party and other activities (BBQ, watch movies together, trips to nature areas around Vienna…).

Possible topics include:

  • Extensive research regarding 4D printing technology, its evolution and chances,escpecially in food production indurty
  • Investigating the reaction of given plant-based salmon/tuna product formulation considering different kind of influencers such as smart materials, ingredients, oils, etc.
  • Concepting a development-program for producing enriched plant-based whole-cut salmon/tuna using 4D printing technology
  • Implementation of the said development-program in cooperation with our technical department through developing new kind of 4D printers by Revo’s technicians
  • Tesing the produced whole-cut seafood considering their sensory characteristics and texturizing properties and mouthfeel and comparing with the 3D printed plant based products
  • Providing optimization solutions for more nutritional composition

Key responsibilities

  • Research and development in field of 4D printing technology
  • Performing food-tech related tasks, including the development of different recipes
  • Experimenting Food Analysis Methods such as Texture Analyzer, Rheometer, Color Measurement, Density Measurement in cooperation with food technologist in form of a team work
  • Operate a 4D food printer together with our technicians to test the developed formulations
  • Cooperating with technical department for developing new generation of 3D food printers for implementing 4D technology

Education and experience

We are looking for a student with a passion for food tech and meat alternatives, that wants to use his knowledge to develop amazing new vegan seafood products. The student should have knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • Extrusion Technology (Dry-, or High Moisture)
  • 3D Food Printing
  • Meat alternatives
  • Plant-based product formulation
  • Texture Analysis
  • Food Process Engineering
  • Food ingredient functionality
  • Plant protein texturization

It should be mentioned that within the internship time, you will be accompanied by our technicians and food technologist for realizing your project. Thus, those who find this internship interesting but are not sure whether they can combine their previous knowledge in the 3D food production industry, should not be worried about it. You will have our support!

The internship company

Revo Foods is a company based in Vienna, Austria, that develops plant-based seafood with 3D food printing. Established in 2020, the company has now 15 employees and plans to enter the market at the end of 2021.


Please send your CV and cover letter (motivation) to