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Why and How to Buy Our Products

What is the mission of Revo Foods?

The fishing and aquaculture industries are unsustainable and threaten the environment and biodiversity of our oceans. Despite that, the demand for seafood is increasing every year. That’s why we need high-quality alternative products that provide the same nutritional value and taste as conventional seafood but, at the same time, are produced sustainably. We want to be part of that solution; that’s why we produce delicious seafood made of plants!

Why Revo?

We offer revolutionary products that change our attitude towards seafood. The seafood revolution starts with Revo Foods! 

Where can I buy your products?

You can find our products in selected stores and restaurants. A map with all locations can be found hereCan’t find a store near you? Don’t worry, we work towards making our products available across the globe! 

Can I order your product online?

Yes, you can order all Revo products online! Find all the available online stores here. Note: you can also purchase our cool t-shirts and merchandise via our online store. 

Investors & B2B Customers

I am an investor and think your idea is great. How can I invest?

Thank you for your interest in being part of our journey! You can reach us via our Contact page.  

I have a restaurant/cafe and I would like to offer your product. How can I get in contact with you?

That’s awesome! You can learn more about how to be a reseller here and you can contact us via our Contact page. 

Health & Safety

Is plant-based fish better than conventional fish?

This depends on each individual’s values and taste. We do believe that plant-based seafood is superior to conventional fish on multiple levels. If you agree that overfishing is bad and you want to gain all the nutrients and joy from eating fish, without killing animals, disrupting the oceans’ biodiversity, and ingesting heavy metals, then Revo Foods’ seafood is for you! 

Are your vegan products healthy?

We want to ensure that vegans and vegetarians can eat healthily! Our vegan salmon contains all the important nutrients of conventional fish, such as Omega-3 and vitamin B12. Moreover, it is free from heavy metals, microplastic, and antibiotics, which can be found in conventional fish. You can find our product’s ingredients and nutritional value here. 

Are your products safe for pregnant people?

Yes, our seafood products are 100% plant-based and do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances. Pregnant people can safely eat Revo Foods’ products.

Do your products contain allergens?

Our Revo Salmon is gluten/soy/allergen-free. The same goes for most of our products. An exception would be our Revo Salmon Spread, which contains organic soy milk.

Are the raw materials organic?

No, we are not able to obtain organic raw materials at this point. However, we are continuously scanning the market for opportunities to also source organic ingredients. 


What is Revo salmon made of?

We only use 13 high-quality plant-based ingredients. The main components are pea proteins, plant oils, and algae extracts (e.g. alginate). 

What plant oils do you use?

We use canola and flax seed oil. Our products are palm-oil-free!

Does Revo Salmon contain gluten?

Our plant-based smoked salmon, gravlax, and salmon spread are gluten-free. However, our Revo Tuna Spread does contain wheat protein and, therefore, it is not gluten-free.

How to Use Our Products

Can Revo Salmon be frozen?

Yes, Revo Salmon neither loses taste nor texture after freezing. It can stay up to one year in the freezer!

How long can Revo Salmon be kept?

The shelf life of the product is about three weeks, as long as it is stored in a cool place without sun exposure. After opening the package, please enjoy it within three days. 

Is the packaging recyclable?

Our Revo Spreads come with 100% recyclable packaging! Revo Salmon’s outer packaging is made of 100% recyclable paper. For the inner package, we unfortunately need to use air-tight plastic sealing to ensure long shelf life. However, we only work with recyclable plastics and are looking for more sustainable options to completely avoid the use of plastic in the future. 


Which products are coming next?

We are doing research and development to offer a greater variety of sustainable vegan seafood. In our product pipeline, we also have salmon and tuna sashimi. Our long-term goal is to develop plant-based fish fillets! 

I love what you are doing, can I work with you?

We are constantly on the look for talented and specialized professionals who can help us achieve our goalsYou can apply via our Careers page. 

I wanted to buy the product at a location I found on your locator map, but the product was not available there. Why is that?

This often happens with new products; they are sold out easily and the restocking process takes a bit longer. You can help us by informing us (with the exact location) and we will make sure the product is restocked as soon as possible!

I want to listen to a funky song while eating the Revo Salmon. Do you have some tunes for me?

Actually, we have a music track in mind. Have you heard of Revo Music Records and our first song, “Revo Salmon”?

I am searching for interview partners for my bachelor/master thesis or survey. Can I contact you for this?

Thank you very much for your interest in this topic! Unfortunately, we receive many requests for participation in interviews, and cannot offer our support here as this would take time away from our mission to end overfishing. However, we recommend you to contact NGOs/NPOs in this area, which have more resources to process these requests. Thank you for your understanding!

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