Seafood has never tasted that good!


The Smokey One

Enjoy smoked salmon like never before. To develop this product, we took a look at the tastiest, most nutritious smoked salmons in the world. We identified the ingredients that seperate a good salmon from a fantastic salmon, and recreated this rich, mouthwatering experience with only plant-based ingredients.

People often ask us: „Is your plant-based salmon as healthy as conventional salmon from animals“. Our answer is no, our plant-based salmon is not as healthy. It is even healthier! Our salmon is high in protein, omega 3, dietary fibers and vitamin B12. Now you don´t need to eat all the toxic salmon waste to get your nutrients, while doing something good for the planet at the same time.


The Creamy One

Hemingway once said: “ Breakfast without salmon is not breakfast“. Ok, that is a lie, but here is a fact. The creamy smoked salmon spread
fits perfect for a healthy breakfast, brunch or even as a midnight snack.
It fits on bread, crackers or you can scoup it just as it is.

You can also fool your grandparents with it. First, give them a sample to try. Then, wait for them to tell you this is the best salmon spread they have ever tried. Finally, tell them that this is 100% plant-based and take a video while they stare at you in disbelief. But then again, why would you give this delicious treat
away when you can have it all for yourself…

The Seafood you
have been waiting for!