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Revo Foods Donates 8.000€ Worth of Food to Local Non-Profit

December 10, 2021

Revo Foods’ core values include helping those in need. On December 02, our company proceeded with the donation of almost 1.500 packages of Revo Salmon to FOODPOINT, a collection and distribution point for food in Vienna. This way, everyone can enjoy Revo Salmon during Christmas times.

Our Donation to Our Local Community

Revo Foods aims at protecting the global ecosystem by providing high-quality seafood alternatives and, therefore, contributing to the elimination of overfishing practices. At the same time, we never forget those close to us who might be in need. During the pandemic, many people in our local community went through immense financial troubles. As a result, they were forced to cut down on the consumption of essential items. Here at Revo Foods, we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy tasty and nutritious food. As a food company, we couldn’t think of a better way to do that than by making a donation of our first product, the plant-based smoked Revo salmon, to Viennese food banks. With this step, we want to give everyone the opportunity to add nutritious and plant-based products to their holiday meals, as inclusivity is one of our core values.


At Revo Foods, we care deeply about the environment and ocean sustainability, but we care just as much about our local community. With Christmas approaching, our thoughts are with the less fortunate members of our community. Therefore, we decided to take active steps to support people in need. This is why we decided to donate almost 8000€ worth of Revo Salmon to a local food shelter, so that all families can enjoy a nice salmon dinner on Christmas Eve, a typical Austrian tradition that now can also be enjoyed vegan.

– Robin Simsa, Revo Foods CEO


Revo Salmon is already available in FOODPOINT markets in Vienna. We would like to thank the non-profit organization for accepting our donation and for allowing us to help our neighbors during these difficult times. Here at Revo Foods, we commit to continue supporting the causes we care for with donations and actions. Do you know any ways we could help make the world a better place? Feel free to contact us by e-mail at You can always reach us on social media.


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Revo’s flavor expert, Ivan Ciaglia, helping with the distribution of Revo Salmon.