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Revo Foods’ Shakes The Waters with New Fish Alternatives

September 12, 2022

100% plant-based, 100% delicious.

Revo Foods did it again with the development, production, and release of three revolutionary fish alternatives. Two of them, Revo Gravlax and Revo Salmon Spread, are already available in Billa PLUS supermarkets in Austria. Revo Tuna Spread is set to be released this October, with customers across Europe already asking for its availability.

Revo Gravlax: the Graved Salmon of Tomorrow

Herbs and lemony notes came together to upgrade our best-selling Revo Salmon. Revo Gravlax tastes as good as our classic smoked salmon slices but with a twist. The main ingredients are pea proteins, plant oils, and algae extracts. That means that Revo Gravlax is nutritious and delicious. At the same time, the product is free of heavy metals, microplastics, and antibiotics. Just like any other product by Revo Foods, its production doesn’t contribute to harmful overfishing methods!

Revo Spreads: a Vegan Kitchen Essential

Use them as a dip, sauce, or bread spread. Revo Spreads are the most versatile line of products we have come up with! Each cooking-lover and gastronomy expert will find Revo Salmon Spread and Revo Tuna Spread extremely handy when looking for a quick vegan meal. Revo Salmon Spread is based on pea proteins, microalgae oil, and organic soymilk, it is both nutritious and delicious. The spread is already available at Billa PLUS supermarkets and is set to be made available across Europe. The second spread product is an alternative to tuna spreads. Revo Tuna Spread is based on wheat and pea protein and plant oils. As a result, it has a high protein content, and it is a great source of vitamins and healthy fats. The Tuna Spread is going to be released in October 2022!

Revo Foods 

Revo Foods is an Austrian start-up that develops and produces high-quality fish and seafood alternatives. It’s first product, Revo Salmon, is already available in various shops and restaurants in more than 15 countries. The company’s goal is to reduce harmful overfishing practices by providing plant-based options to a growing community of vegans and flexitarians. Taste, health, and food safety are always a priority. All of Revo Foods’ products are free of toxins and heavy metals, while providing a high nutritional value and impeccable taste! 

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