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Revo Foods’ Salmon Is Coming to the UK

May 4, 2022

It is official. Revo Foods’ 100% plant-based Revo Salmon is now available in the UK via GreenBay!

As our first product launch in the United Kingdom (UK) was approaching, we asked our graphic designer to prepare some fun posters with our logo, product, and some typical UK sceneries/landmarks. Well, it didn’t turn out exactly right… but our deadline is almost over. So here are the results.

Revo Salmon Is Coming to the UK:

revo foods uk

Ok, first things first, our graphic designer is not from the United States. We are not sure why everyone is asking that lately. But, he did inform us that he used to skip his Geography classes in elementary school. We promise that we’ll invest some money in (re)educating him.


Where to Find Revo Salmon in the UK:

Now, let’s get to the point. People living or visiting the UK can now try our revolutionary plant-based smoked salmon slices, Revo Salmon.

British consumers now have the chance to purchase the product via the popular vegan super-market GreenBay.

Revo Salmon has been long-awaited in the English-speaking world, after many content creators and influencers started trying and endorsing the product online. Often described as “better than [conventional] salmon”, the vegan product is taste-approved by seafood lovers and omnivores. In other words, it is more than simply a seafood alternative product.

Revo Salmon is for everyone. For those who like the taste of salmon but dislike mercury. For the people who got a seafood allergy after trying their first oyster in Italy. For those who miss their smoked salmon bagels but can’t forget “Seaspiracy”. For the curious customers that are always on the look for new delicious products. For anyone who, for any reason, decided to eliminate fish from his/her diet.

The UK is literally an island surrounded by the sea, yet the hottest new seafood product comes from… Austria. Quite ironic, if not sarcastic, which I’m sure British people love.

-Robin Simsa, Revo Foods’ CEO



Austria, an Alpine country surrounded by mountains, might not be known for its… salmon or other marine fish. But it is making a breakthrough in the vegan sector. Revo Foods is a Viennese start-up that has already swept Europe off its feet. Within six months after the launch of its first product, Revo Salmon, the brand is present in more that 15 European countries, including France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

According to Co-CEO Paula Alcalde, “GreenBay’s mission is to make it easy, fun and convenient for everyone to discover new and emerging brands that are positively impacting the planet, and Revo Foods is exactly that”. She adds “For us, accessibility is key. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental & ethical impact of our diet, and they want to make better choices. Our aim is to facilitate this change, showing people how small swaps can have a huge impact.”

If you are looking for seafood alternatives in the United Kingdom, feel free to check our locations. Now, if you have a store or restaurant and you are interested in selling our plant-based seafood products, you can contact us at

About Revo Salmon:

  1. Revo Salmon is 100% plant-based and suitable for a vegan diet.
  2. It’s simply delicious (taste-approved by omnivores).
  3. Our salmon is more sustainable than conventional salmon.
  4. It’s free of heavy metals but full of love and nutrients.