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Revo Salmon In PlantaBox’s June Box in Italy

June 1, 2022

Revo Foods’ smoked salmon slices from plants were selected for PlantaBox’s June Box, along with other top vegan products. Every month, the Italian vegan store carefully selects high-quality vegan products that enter the Italian market. The products are then sent to the company’s subscription customers. In June 2022, Revo Salmon was discovered by a great number of new Italian customers who have subscribed to PlantaBox’s monthly vegan box delivery. Prospective customers can also purchase Revo Salmon anytime from their online store!

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Revo Salmon: Plant-Powered Seafood

Revo Salmon is a revolutionary product made of algae extracts, pea proteins, and plant oils. It tastes and looks like conventional salmon and it even comes with a high Omega-3 and protein content. At the same time, contrary to conventional salmon, it is free of allergens and toxic heavy metals or PCBs, making it safe for pregnancy. Moreover, it does not contribute to overfishing, since it doesn’t require… any type of fishing methods! Powered by pea proteins and algae, Revo Salmon is 100% plant-based and suitable for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and anyone who cares about taste and the environment.

About PlantaBox

PlantaBox is an Italian e-shop that sells high-quality vegan products, including plant-based meat and fish substitutes. Every month, the company selects the top five new products that enter the Italian market and sends them to its subscription customers. Those following a plant-based diet can try a variety of new products each month, without breaking the bank.

About Revo Foods

Revo Foods is an Austrian start-up that develops and produces high-quality seafood alternatives. Revo Salmon, our first product, is already sold in selected cafes, restaurants, and shops (online and physical) in multiple European countries.