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Revo Salmon Now Sold in REWE Stores in South Germany

December 23, 2021

You asked for it and we delivered. After its successful launch in Austria and Spain, Revo Salmon now entered the German market. First stop? Bavaria. If you live in Munich or in a list of other selected Bavarian locations, you can now find and purchase our 100% plant-based smoked salmon slices in REWE super-markets. We know how long you have been waiting for this, therefore we have a list of recipes already prepared for you in our blog.

Pro tip: science found out that eating Revo Foods increases the chance of “Die Mannschaft” to win all upcoming football games, and of your least favorite candidate to be voted out of “Germanys Next Topmodel” (Disclaimer: This study was paid for 100% by the Revo Institute of Misinformation 😉 ). So go ahead and enjoy a great Bavarian beer at the Oktoberfest (or fitness shows with Pamela Reif) with some Revo Salmon.


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Revo Salmon is…

  1. delicious – taste-approved by omnivores.
  2. nutritious – great source of proteins and vitamins.
  3. plant-based – and vegan friendly.
  4. exciting – developed with the help of 3D-printing technology.



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