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Where to Find Seafood Alternatives in Europe

February 9, 2022

As reports started showing that commercial fishing is unsustainable and harmful for the oceans and humans, more and more consumers are now on the look for seafood alternatives. You may know them as “vish”, “faux fish”, or “fish substitutes”; seafood alternatives are basically plant-based food products that mimic the taste, texture, smell, and look of conventional seafood. Sometimes, they also offer the same nutritional value. Consumers switch from conventional to alternative seafood options because they get the same benefits as eating fish, without contributing to overfishing or ingesting harmful heavy metals.  Basically, they combine the best of both worlds!




Where to Find Revo Foods’ Seafood Alternatives in Europe

Revo Foods is an Austrian alternative seafood company that develops and produces plant-based seafood products that are distributed in retail stores, cafes, and restaurants.  Founded in 2020 in Vienna, Revo Foods’ mission is to produce delicious seafood alternatives to keep our oceans healthy and full of fish. Our first product? Revo Salmon; smoked salmon slices consisting of pea proteins and algae extracts. The product is a great source of vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins. Consumers can buy it directly from physical and online stores or taste it in cafes/restaurants that incorporate Revo Salmon in their menus. The product is already available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and Spain. By the time you’re reading these lines, it might already be available in more European countries through retail stores or gastronomy. You can find all locations in our interactive map!

Find Seafood Alternatives in Europe:


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