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Vegan Appetizer Bites with Cucumbers and Revo Salmon

December 16, 2022

They are small, shareable, delicious, and 100% plant-based. These mini vegan appetizer bites are made with Revo Salmon and lots of love.

Vegan Appetizer Bites with Revo Salmon | Mini Salmon Bites

These mini cucumber bites are crunchy and have a smoked salmon and cream cheese topping. Believe it or not, this popular party food appetizer can turn vegan. All you have to do is replace the cream cheese and smoked salmon with their plant-based alternatives.  


All you need for the mini vegan appetizer bites are the following ingredients: 


  • two large crunchy cucumbers (or multiple mini cucumbers); 
  • a bunch of fresh dill; 
  • 180g cream cheese (opt for vegan cream cheese or cashew sour cream); 
  • 100g smoked salmon (opt for our plant-based Revo™ salmon). 


Prepare the mini bites by following these steps: 


  • wash the cucumbers carefully (will be served with the skin) and cut the edges; 
  • cut the cucumbers in round medium-sized pieces (try for 5cm); 
  • spread a thin layer of (vegan) cream cheese (or cashew sour cream) on each piece of cucumber; 
  • cut each smoked salmon slice in wide horizontal stripes; 
  • adjust the stripes on top of each cucumber (be creative); 
  • add a tablespoon of (vegan) cream cheese (or cashew sour cream) at the top; 
  • garnish with dill.