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Vegan Party Food with our Plant-Based Salmon

October 27, 2021

A list of the most delicious smoked salmon recipes that can feed a crowdOpt for our nutritious Revo salmon for an inclusive plant-based party food menu. No need to separate your dishes into “omnivore”, “vegetarian”, and “vegan”. These five smoked salmon recipes will satisfy all your guests.  

Can You Incorporate Smoked Salmon to Your Vegan Recipes? 

It may sound counter intuitive, but smoked salmon can be incorporated into your favorite vegan appetizers and plant-based party food recipes. All you have to do is opt for our plant-based smoked salmon product. Did you know that plant-based salmon made from algae and peas is now available on the market? Revo Foods has collected a list of five lazy vegan recipes that feature our delicious and protein rich Revo™ salmon. Your omnivore and vegan guests won’t keep their hands off their plates! 

Five Smoked Salmon Recipes for Your Party Food Menu: 

  1. Mini Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Vegan Appetizer Bites 
  2. Smoked Salmon and Avocado Party Pizza 
  3. Shareable Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad with Coconut Cream 
  4. Spinach and Smoked Salmon Party Salad 
  5. Loaded Open Sandwiches with Smoked Salmon 


Mini Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Vegan Appetizer Bites 

Easy-to-eat, healthy and shareable, mini appetizer bites are the go-to party food. These mini cucumber bites have a smoked salmon and cream cheese topping. Believe it or not, this popular party food appetizer can turn vegan. All you have to do is replace the cream cheese and smoked salmon with their plant-based alternatives.  


All you need for the mini appetizer bites are the following ingredients: 

  • two large crunchy cucumbers (or multiple mini cucumbers); 
  • a bunch of fresh dill; 
  • 180g cream cheese (opt for vegan cream cheese or cashew sour cream); 
  • 100g smoked salmon (opt for our plant-based Revo™ salmon). 


Prepare the party appetizer bites by following these steps: 

  • wash the cucumbers carefully (will be served with the skin) and cut the edges; 
  • cut the cucumbers in round medium-sized pieces (try for 5cm); 
  • spread a thin layer of (vegan) cream cheese (or cashew sour cream) on each piece of cucumber; 
  • cut each smoked salmon slice in wide horizontal stripes; 
  • adjust the stripes on top of each cucumber (be creative); 
  • add a tablespoon of (vegan) cream cheese (or cashew sour cream) at the top; 
  • garnish with dill. 

Plant-based Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Arugula Party Pizza

Delicious, nutritious, shareable, and enough to fill your guests’ tummies. Pizza is the ultimate party food since it is easy to make and even easier to share. Although not a traditional pair of pizza ingredients, avocado and salmon have become two of the most popular toppings for party pizzas. The good news is that you don’t even have to rethink how to distribute the toppings across your pizza “canvas”; you can use vegan cheese and our Revo™ salmon instead of conventional animal products. Your vegan and vegetarian friends won’t have to double-check their pieces before taking a bite. Moreover, you don’t even have to make your own crust at home. For a lazy vegan recipe, you can opt for a store-bought vegan crust or even use tortilla wraps as a base. 

seafood pizza vegan

For the party pizza you need: 

  • 1 thin or medium-sized pizza crust (home-made or store-bought) or any other alternative base (e.g. tortilla wraps); 
  • 180g (vegan) cream cheese; 
  • ½ cup grated (vegan) cheese; 
  • 1 red onion, finely sliced; 
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed; 
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil; 
  • salt and pepper; 
  • a handful of fresh dill, chopped; 
  • A handful of arugula; 
  • 1 avocado, sliced; 
  • 100g smoked salmon (opt for our plant-based Revo™ salmon). 


Prepare this salmon party recipe by following these steps: 

  • preheat the oven to 180C; 
  • mix the cream cheese with the dill and the crushed garlic; 
  • spread the mix onto the crust and add the cheese and the onions; 
  • bake the pizza for approximately 10-15 minutes, until the cheese has melted; 
  • season with salt and pepper, add the remaining toppings, and drizzle with olive oil. 

Shareable Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad with Coconut Cream 

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food but, when done right, it can transform into a fantastic party food dish. When combined with our plant-based smoked salmon, it’s a recipe for success. This pasta salad dish can be served hot or cold in a big salad bowl. Fusilli, penne, and farfalle are preferred over spaghetti since they are easier to share. Feel free to add vegetables to this dish, such as colorful chopped peppers. 

salmon pasta

For the smoked salmon pasta salad, you need the following ingredients: 

  • 500g of fusilli, penne or farfalle pasta; 
  • 1 tablespoon (vegan) butter or olive oil; 
  • 1 clove of garlic; 
  • ¼ cup full-fat coconut cream; 
  • ½ cup veggie broth; 
  • salt and pepper; 
  • a handful of mint, chopped; 
  • a squeeze of lemon juice; 
  • 100g smoked salmon (opt for our plant-based Revo™ salmon).


Prepare the salmon party recipe by following these steps: 

  • boil the pasta according to instructions; 
  • chop the garlic into thin pieces; 
  • cut the smoked salmon into smaller slices; 
  • heat up the (vegan) butter or the olive oil in a large pan; 
  • add the garlic and saute for a minute; 
  • add the broth and the lemon juice; 
  • slowly add the coconut cream and start stirring in low heat until the cream thickens; 
  • remove the pan from the heat and add the salmon, the cooked pasta, and the chopped mint; 
  • season with salt and pepper and mix the ingredients together. 

Arugula and Smoked Salmon Party Salad 

Salads are not only healthy but, when served with the right seasoning, they make for a delicious plant-based dish for parties and gatherings. This arugula smoked salmon party salad will impress your guests, regardless of their dietary preferences.  


For the smoked salmon and arugula salad, you need the following ingredients: 

  • 200g of arugula; 
  • a handful of cherry tomatoes; 
  • a handful of pine nuts; 
  • a medium-sized cucumber; 
  • ¼ cup olive oil; 
  • salt and paper; 
  • a generous squeeze of lemon juice; 
  • 100g smoked salmon (opt for our plant-based Revo™ salmon), shredded. 


Prepare this vegan party recipe by following these steps: 

  • wash and dry the tomatoes, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes; 
  • if the tomatoes are too large for eating them with one bite, cut them in half; 
  • toss the arugula in a large salad bowl; 
  • cut the cucumber into thin slices; 
  • add the cherry tomatoes, the nuts, the shredded salmon, and the cucumber; 
  • season with salt and pepper; 
  • mix the ingredients along with the olive oil and lemon juice. 

Loaded Open Sandwiches with Plant-Based Smoked Salmon 

Open sandwiches are a popular party appetizer in different parts of the world. The most popular open sandwiches are the so-called Smørrebrød from Denmark: generous slices of rye bread topped with cold cuts, pieces of fish, cheese, and garnishes. Most open-faced sandwiches are loaded with animal products that may exclude some of your guests. For a vegan-friendly option, switch the ham and smoked salmon for our yummy and nutritious plant-based Revo™ salmon. 


For the smoked salmon and arugula salad, you need the following ingredients: 

  • a loaf of bread (fresh, preferably from the bakery); 
  • two different types of spreads (e.g. mashed avocado spread or hummus); 
  • different types of (vegan) cheese; 
  • 1 medium-sized cucumber, thinly sliced; 
  • 1 red onion, thinly sliced; 
  • 1 tomato, thinly sliced; 
  • a few pieces of lettuce; 
  • a cup of shredded horseradish: optional; 
  • 100g smoked salmon (opt for our plant-based Revo™ salmon). 


All you need to do for this plant-based party food recipe is: 

  • cut the bread into several generous slices; 
  • spread hummus or your spread of choice on each slice; 
  • assemble each open-faced sandwich in different ways, by placing different toppings on top of each other. 

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