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Vegan French Baguette Sandwich with Revo Salmon

February 18, 2022

Healthy, delicious, and shareable. Here is how to prepare the ultimate French baguette sandwich with slices of smoked Revo Salmon.

Vegan French Baguette Sandwich

For the vegan sandwich you will need:

  1. a baguette – but make sure it’s French 😉
  2. a vegan spread
  3. a vegan cheese of your choice – French style
  4. 80g of Revo Salmon (smokey style)
  5. lots of greens
  6. a cucumber, sliced
  7. 1-2 tomatoes, sliced
  8. a carrot, thinly sliced/grated
  9. an onion, cut in rings
  10. cappers

Wash the vegetables thoroughly, slice the baguette in half to create two demi-baguettes (just like you would do with a regular sandwich), add the spreads, and place the ingredients in layers. Here’s how we like to eat our baguette:



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Revo Salmon is Now Available in France

If you are interested in trying this baguette in France, then you should know that Revo Foods’ Revo Salmon has already entered the French market with The Vegan Shop France.


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