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Looking for exciting new plant-based dishes and a creative way to make your menu more inclusive? Restaurant, hotel, and café owners can now benefit from our seafood alternative products. Tired of getting orders for “fish dishes without the fish” and leaving vegan and vegetarian customers unsatisfied? Add our product to your ingredients list and make your business more appealing to the younger population.

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Why you should sell Revo products?

  • Taste-approved by non-vegans. Did you know that 95% of alternative meat orders are from omnivores?
  • Delicious vegan/vegetarian alternative. Many alternative seafood products lack taste and texture. At Revo™ Foods we prioritize pleasure. Alternative seafood should be enjoyable!
  • Long expiration date, can be stored in freezer. Reduce food waste by switching to our products.
  • Delivery right at your doorstep. No need to waste your valuable time transporting ingredients.
  • Instagrammable. We can promote you on our social media pages.

Are You Already a Reseller?

We can provide you with logos, photos, images, and promotional materials. You can find some basic assets on the sidebar. For Marketing collaborations, feel free to contact us.

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