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A Seafood Company That Saves Fish

Can a seafood company claim that it loves fish or even saves them? Well, no matter how crazy it sounds, it can. In contrast to conventional seafood companies that may claim they save fish by helping them lose the illusion of being eternal -from Sartre’s existential point of view- Revo Foods actually saves fish. Literally, not philosophically.

Founded in 2021 in Vienna, Revo Foods takes sustainability seriously. The Austrian start-up produces high-quality seafood, such as smoked salmon slices, without actually catching or killing fish. “We don’t even have to go fishing”, the employees exclaim.

Indeed, our Viennese headquarters are equipped with lab coats and 3D-printing machines, rather than fishing equipment. Actually, there are a few fishing rods hanging around, but, we promise, they are used just for fun.

Revo Foods’ products are 100% plant-based but taste and look like conventional fish. We, therefore, offer the option to consume fish without contributing to overfishing practices. By using plant proteins and algae extracts, we produce food that is sustainable and nutritious. Consumers can now switch from conventional to sustainable seafood and make an impact!

Our Impact in Numbers | Revo Foods Sustainability

An average Atlantic salmon weighs 5kg, from which only 75% is used for consumption. Based on that, here is how many salmons we have saved so far:


And YOU can also contribute to this number by switching from conventional fish to Revo. It’s like turning the movie “Free Willy” into real life, except that we save schools of salmon instead of orcas.

Why Overfishing Is Bad:

  • It’s unsustainable
  • It has a negative impact on the environment
  • Overfishing can result in the entire species going extinct
  • It has economic implications; it hurts local economies
  • These practices affect both fish and humans

The term “overfishing” is quite self-explanatory. It is the removal of a species of fish from a body of water at a rate that it cannot replenish. This can result in underpopulation if not extinction. You may have heard of various terms related to overfishing, such as “by-catch”, “ghost-fishing”, and “bottom trawling”. You can read more about overfishing at Revo Times and specifically here and here.